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When your plane lands in Marrakech, you already see the High Atlas in the distance. At 4,167 meters, the Jbel Toubkal is the highest point in the mountain range and delights hikers and adventurers alike. On daytrips you can explore the narrow passes with an off-roader and you will be fascinated by the charm of the High Atlas. The Ouzoud Falls in the Middle Atlas are among the area's attractions, enchanting you with endless canyons and snow capped mountain peaks. Trekking excursions are a special highlight.
Stunning mountain scenery with many attractions
Aussicht vom Gipfel des Jbel Toubkal

The Ouzoud Falls are just one of the destinations that will fascinate you on a hike or an excursion with the off-roader. If you visit the National Park, you can marvel at the highest mountain in Morocco, the 4167 high Jbel Toubkal. Even in summer, the mountain tops are covered with snow. Not surprisingly, this elevation is not only Morocco's highest mountain, but also North Africa's highest mountain. A popular destination is the province Ouarzazate with the capital of the same name. It is nestled in the 1160 meter high Draa Valley and lets your gaze wander over the landscape diversity. High and vegetation-free rock slopes include the green and blooming landscape in the valley interior. Cultural treasures like the Kasbah Ait-Ben-Haddou are worth the trip. The World Heritage Site is one of Morocco's main attractions and should be on your travel agenda. The fascination of the Atlas Mountains is due to the varied landscape, the different climatic zones and the steep slopes.
Hiking in the Atlas and Rif mountains

Wanderung im Toubkal Nationalpark
The Rif is a breathtaking place that belongs to the northern reaches of the Atlas Mountains. Dense forests reach almost to the tops of the mountains, providing a familiar and picturesque environment. Small and forgotten Berber villages or high and snow-capped peaks, harmonious valleys and the charm of rushing waterfalls give Morocco its special aura of diversity. Not only with the off-roader, but also by foot or by mountain bike you can explore the Atlas Mountains, the Rif Mountains or the Toubkal National Park. If you stand on the summit and look into deep ravines, you should be free from giddiness. A visit to Morocco is an experience not only in the vibrant life of the cultural capital of Marrakech, but also in the untouched and rugged nature. You book an adventure that will remain in your memory forever. All around the highest mountains of the Atlas Mountains there is a lot to discover.

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