Morocco trekking trip in Toubkal National Park with ascent of Jbel Toubkal!

On secret paths to the most beautiful places of the Atlas Mountains. All inclusive: certified trekking guide, own cook, mule caravan for equipment, accommodation in local inns, cabins and trekking tents, meals and transfers.

Important dates of the trip:

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  • Duration:

    8 days

  • Travel type:

    Trekking, Camping, Culture, Mountains & Hiking

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This trip can also be booked as an individual trip for the same price. Request your booking now and determine the travel time yourself!

Certified Trekking Guide

Our professionals from the region will show you the way and lead you to the most beautiful places

Incl. summit ascent

Together we climb the second highest mountain in Africa – the Jbel Toubkal with 4.167 meters height.

Equipment is provided

You only need what you wear on your body, we take care of the rest (including transport, food and overnight stay)

Itinerary and tour description

The 7-day Morocco trekking trip through the Atlas Mountains begins in Marrakech. By car we go first to the mountain village Aroumd, where we load our equipment on mules and the rest of the team joins us. Then the actual trek begins on hidden paths through the Toubkal National Park. In the following seven days we cross several mountain passes and experience breathtaking views, pass through picturesque valleys and come into contact with Berbers from the region. Also a night at the clear mountain lake is a highlight. As the crowning finale we climb the second highest peak in Africa. At a height of 4167 meters we arrived at our destination and start the descent.

The highlights:

  • The ascent of the Jbel Toubkal (4167 meters)
  • Sleepy mountain villages in the middle of the Atlas Mountains
  • Breathtaking views from the highest peaks of the Atlas Mountains
  • One night at the mountain lake Ifni
  • Mountain guide, cook and mule caravan included
Reiseroute der Trekkingreise Atlasgebirge, 7 Tage ab Marrakesch, Marokko

Day 1 – Arrival

We are happy to pick you up at the airport or your hotel in Marrakech and take you to our riad in the heart of the old medina of Marrakech. After checking in and getting to know each other you have the possibility to use the rest of the day as you wish or to start your first exploration of the winding streets of Marrakech together with our guide. Dinner will be served in our cosy Riad.

Day 1 – From Marrakech to Tacheddirt

Our Morocco trekking trip in the Atlas Mountains begins! First we drive to the mountain village Aroumd, about 1.5 hours away, in the middle of the rugged mountain world of the Atlas mountains, which is the starting point for our expedition. Here, at an altitude of 1900 metres, we first familiarise ourselves with the mountain air and the surroundings and meet our team, consisting of cook and mule caravan. After our luggage and equipment for the adventure has been packed and stowed, our trek begins towards Tacheddirt. Soon we cross the mountain pass Tizi n’Tamatert (2279 meters) with a wonderful view of the neighbouring valley. Via the mountain village of Ouaneskra we continue up to Tacheddirt (3000 meters). We spend the night in a camp near the neighbouring mountain river.

Hiking time: approx. 6 hours

Target altitude: 3000 meters

That’s what happens:

  • Drive through the Atlas Mountains
  • Mountain village Aroumd
  • Mountain pass Tizi n’Tamatert (2279 meters)
  • Mountain village Ouaneskra and Tachddiert
  • Night in Camp

Day 3 – From Azib N’Likment to Amsouzart

After breakfast, you will be ready to start your journey uphill over the mountain pass Tizi n’Likemt (3550 metres). After a short breather, during which we take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding mountain peaks and the Tachedirt Valley, a short descent begins. After a tasty lunch we continue for about 1 hour in the direction of the valley to our camp for the night, near Azib n’Likemt (2250 meters) on a clear mountain river. Here you often meet nomadic shepherds and their herds (goats, sheep). There is enough time for tea and intercultural exchange before dinner and a relaxing night.

Hiking time: approx. 6 hours

Target altitude: 3550 meters, then descent to 2250 meters

That’s what happens:

  • Mountain pass Tizi n’Likemt (3550 meters)
  • View of Atlas Mountains and Tachedirt Valley
  • Mountain village Aazib n’Likemt
  • Contact to local Berbers

Day 4 – From Azib N’Likment to Amsouzart

We get ready for the ascent to the Tizi n’Ourai mountain pass (3109 metres). Here you can enjoy a breathtaking view and the Jbel Toubkal is getting closer and closer. During the descent into the Tinzar valley we treat ourselves to a delicious lunch and let the architecture of the surrounding Berber villages affect us. Arrived in Amsouzart (1740 meters) we move into our comfortable “Berber Lodge” (mountain guesthouse) and let us spoil ourselves with a traditional dinner.

Hiking time: approx. 6 hours

Target altitude: 3109 meters, then descent to 1740 meters

That’s what happens:

  • Tizi n’Ourai (3109 meters)
  • Tinzar Valley
  • Mountain village Amsouzart
  • Night at Berber Lodge

Day 4 – From Amsouzart to Lake Ifni

The path leads over a slight descent into the valley of Islani and then with a pleasant and steady ascent to Lake Ifni, our destination of the day. On the way we cross several Berber villages like Ibrouane, Tisgouane and Imhilene. Here we get a good insight into the everyday life of the local mountain residents. Our destination, Lake Ifni at 2295 metres, is the only mountain lake in the region and a real feast for the eyes, amidst the mighty peaks of the surrounding mountains. After a refreshing swim in the mountain lake and a delicious dinner we spend an unforgettable night at the lake. Before you retire to your tent, we recommend that you take in the night sky above the mountain lake.

Hiking time: approx. 6 hours

Target altitude: 2295 meters

That’s what happens:

  • Valley of Islani
  • Sleepy Berber villages like Ibrouane, Tisgouane and Imhilene
  • Mountain lake Infi
  • Night at the lake

Day 5 – From Lake Ifni to Toubkal Refuge

In the morning we say goodbye to this very special place and the first day of the ascent to the summit of Jbel Toubkal begins. A slow ascent to the mountain pass Tizi n’ Ouanoums (3670 meters) is a good start into the day. The beautiful view to the surrounding 4000m peaks gives you an idea that it can’t be far to stand on the roof of North Africa. After a short break and a refreshing lunch, the descent to the Toubkal refuge at 3200 meters begins – our starting point for tomorrow’s summit ascent. Here is a hotspot for alpinists and mountain enthusiasts. A good place to talk to others and exchange some experiences. We spend the night, if possible, in the refuge or in our camp in the immediate vicinity.

Hiking time: approx. 6 hours

Target altitude: 3670 meters, then descent to 3200 meters

That’s what happens:

  • Mountain pass Tizi n’ Ouanoums (3670 meters)
  • Toubkal Refuge

Day 6 – Summit ascent and descent to Aroumd

Today is the day, the ascent of the highest mountain of North Africa begins! After breakfast the path leads us over the river above the refuge and from there on straightforward towards the summit. The last stretch to the summit of Jbel Toubkal at 4167 metres is technically easy. Arriving at the summit of Jbel Toubkal at 4167 metres, we take the time to enjoy this majestic view before we begin our descent. After the descent back to the Toubkal refuge, we have a delicious lunch. Finally, our descent continues via the village of Chamharouch to our starting point at Aroumd (1900 metres). We spend the evening and the night in a traditional guesthouse in Aroumd.

Hiking time: approx. 6 hours

Altitude: 4167 meters, then descent to 1900 meters

That’s what happens:

  • Summit of Jbel Toubkal (4167 metres)
  • Mountain villages Chamharouch and Aroumd
  • Overnight stay in a traditional guesthouse

Day 7 – Back to Marrakech

After an extensive breakfast we return to Marrakech. You have the possibility to have us take you to the airport or the train station or to explore the city on your own. If you want to spend a few more days in Marrakech, you have the possibility to contact our tour guide directly or to contact us.

Do you have any questions? Then mail us, call us or write us directly by WhatsApp, we look forward to hearing from you. HERE you can find our contact details.

Dates and prices for 2022

Travel time
Travel status
(current status)
Price (p.P.)
(without flights)
04.06.2022 – 11.06.2022bookable 915,00 €
01.10.2022 – 08.10.2022bookable 915,00 €

All about Atlas Mountains Trekking Trip – Jbel Toubkal and National Park Toubkal

All services at a glance


  • Local accommodation with charm and tradition
  • Proximity to country, people and culture
  • Atlas mountains and summit ascent of Jbel Toubkal (highest summit in North Africa)
  • Mountain villages Aroumd, Tachedirt, Aazib n’Likemt, Amsouzart and many more
  • Mountain passes Tizi n’Tamatert, Tizi n’Likemt, Tizi n’Ourai and Tizi n’Ouanoums
  • Breathtaking views and sleepy valleys
  • Mountain lake Ifni
  • Summit of Jbel Toubkal (4167 metres)
  • Own guide, cook and mule caravan

What is included in this trip?

✓ An English and French speaking tour guide

✓ Transport by car, all-terrain vehicle or all-wheel drive SUV

✓ Cook

✓ Mule Caravan

✓ 4 nights in a tent (according to your wishes / possibilities and number of persons)

✓ 2 nights in a single, double or shared room in a traditional guesthouse (depending on your preference / option and number of people)

✓ Tea is served with all meals

✓ All meals (6 x breakfast, 6 x lunch, 6 x dinner)

✓ Sleeping bags can be provided free of charge, but we recommend that you bring your own

What is not included in this trip?

✕ Personal hiking equipment (e.g. hiking boots, jacket, etc.)

✕ Drinks (tea only during meals)

Additional travel insurance

Arrival and departure Marrakech

✕ Gratuities and personal expenses

Costs for eventual visa (no visa required for the most EU countries)

Our accommodations

Local accommodation with charm


True to our values and with a view to fair tourism, our accommodations are either local guesthouses or small family-run hotels where hospitality is still a priority. In spite of the local accommodations of our trips, we naturally pay attention to comfort when making our choices.


Those who are used to a European 3-Star-Standard will get along well with our accommodations. There are predominantly no star catagories with us, which results mostly already alone from the remoteness of the accommodations and the kind of the “management”, however we pay attention very much to the fact that you feel well with us. There is a bed, shower, heating and usually also air conditioning and a pool. Not to forget the delicious meals, which are mostly prepared from traditional dishes with ingredients from the neighborhood or your own garden. You are always welcome to stay with us.


The mountain refuges and shelters we use correspond to what can be expected from such a “refuge” and resemble the mountain refuges in Europe. The mountain refuges are more reminiscent of mountain hostels. They offer a good opportunity to have a good meal in a barren and remote region after a strenuous hiking day, to review the day, to enjoy the view and to sleep. But the atmosphere is all the more familiar and welcoming as most hotels and inns… not to mention the majestic scenery that surrounds you. The heating is mostly classical with wood stoves. The rooms are mostly multi-bed rooms. Sanitary facilities and washing facilities are also available.


On some of our trekking trips it is necessary to spend a night in tents. Of course we provide the appropriate tents and the equipment does not have to be carried. The tents meet all our adventure requirements and are functional trekking tents. For larger groups (6-8 persons) spacious expedition tents can also be used. We also offer sleeping bags free of charge. If you like, you can also bring your own tent. However, we advise you to bring your own sleeping bag. For longer trekking tours we use mule caravans to transport the equipment.

Do you have any more questions?

Then mail us, call us or write us by WhatsApp, we look forward to hearing from you. HERE you can find our contact details.

Toubkal Refuge

Marokko 7 Tage Trekkingreise im Atlasgebirge, Schutzhütte Toubkal auf dem Weg zum Jbel Toubkal

Standard camping tent

Marokko 7 Tage Trekkingreise im Atlasgebirge, Standard Camping Zelt

Standard double room

Marokko Trekkingreise 7 Tage, Standard Doppelzimmer

You still have questions about the Atlas Mountains Trekking Trip and want to get free and non-binding advice?

Then contact us now! We are happy to help you with words and deeds. If you wish, we can also put together your own individual trip to Morocco.