10 days Morocco Roundtrip beginning in Marrakech. The best Morocco has to offer!

In a small travel group with max. 8 adventurers and an insider tour guide from the region you will get to know Morocco from its most exciting side. Culture in the royal cities, epic mountain landscapes in the Atlas mountains, oriental atmosphere in the oases of the Draa valley, adventure feeling in the Sahara and relaxation on the Atlantic coast.

Important dates of the trip:

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  • Duration:

    11 days

  • Travel type:

    Roundtrip, Culture, Cities, Beach & Sea, Desert

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This trip can also be booked as an individual trip for the same price. Request your booking now and determine the travel time yourself!

Royal cities and culture

Cultural highlights and world famous sights

Relaxation on the Atlantic Ocean

Relaxation and recreation on the moroccan atlantic coast

Deserts and oases

Desert safari incl. 2 nights in a desert camp in the Sahara in southern Morocco

Itinerary and tour description

Our Morocco Round Trip offers you the opportunity to experience the country and its people up close in a small travel group of max. 8 participants accompanied by a tour guide and to discover everything that makes Morocco so unique. In 10 days we explore fascinating culture in the most important royal cities of the country, the majestic mountains of the Atlas Range, oases and deserts in southern Morocco, as well as relaxation and recreation on the most beautiful beaches of the atlantic ocean.

Experience everything Morocco has to offer in 10 days!

From Marrakech we first go to the cultural metropolises of Morocco. In Casablanca, Rabat and Fès we get deep insights into the urban everyday life of Morocco and visit world-famous sights. A mixture of medieval charm and the lifestyle of a modern, northern african society awaits us. After Fès our way leads us over the Atlas Mountains to the oasis town of Tinghir. Here, in the land of the Berbers, impressive canyons wait to be discovered by us. After the impressions between the highest peaks of North Africa, we continue in the direction of South Morocco. In Tamegroute we dive into the calm soul of South Morocco. Here the clocks tick more slowly and we use the coming days to explore this “hidden” part of the country. After our desert safari through the sand dunes of the Sahara, we treat ourselves to some relaxation at the atlantic coast. Maritime flair, freshly caught fish and the smell of the sea complete our Morocco round-trip.

The highlights:

  • The cities Marrakesh, Casablanca, Rabat, Fès and Agadir
  • The mountains of the Atlas Mountains, Tinghir and the Todra Gorges
  • Desert safari including 2 nights in desert camp in the Sahara
  • The cultural delights of southern Morocco in Zagora and Tamegroute
  • Beach and sea on the Atlantic coast
  • Local accommodation with charm and tradition
  • Proximity to country, people and culture
Reiseroute der Marokko Rundreise ab Marrakesch, 10 Tage ab Marrakesch

Day 1 – Arrival

We are happy to pick you up at the airport or your hotel in Marrakech and take you to our riad in the heart of the old medina of Marrakech. After checking in and getting to know each other you have the possibility to use the rest of the day as you wish or to start your first exploration of the winding streets of Marrakech together with our guide. Dinner will be served in our cosy Riad.

Day 1 – From Marrakech to the capital Rabat

From Marrakech we start our Morocco Roundtrip to Casablanca. In the largest city of Morocco we visit one of the largest mosques of the world, the Hassan II Mosque. The minaret of the Hassan II Mosque is the highest minaret and the highest religious building in the world with a height of 210 meters! After the valuable impressions from the world metropolis, the way leads further into the capital Rabat. The first royal city on our journey to explore the medieval medina and visit the famous Hassan Tower. Our guide shows us all the sights and insider tips of the city and we can use the time flexibly to let the historical surroundings work their magic on us. We spend the night in a small hotel in Rabat.

That’s what happens:

  • Casablanca and Hassan II Mosque
  • Royal city of Rabat and Medina
  • Atlantic coast

Day 2 – From Rabat to the cultural centre of Fès

After breakfast we continue to explore Rabat, because Rabat is much too big to discover in half a day. Around noon we drive on to Fès, the oldest and probably most important of the four royal cities of Morocco. We move into our accommodation and you can use the day to look around in the city and let the atmosphere take effect on you or to do some things. Or join other adventurers and the tour guide and spontaneously take a first tour through the medina. The dinner will then be together again in our classic riad in the medina of Fès.

That’s what happens:

  • King city Rabat and Medina
  • Royal city of Fès and Medina

Day 3 – We stay in Fès

Today we can explore the secrets of Fès extensively. Together with a local guide from Fès, we explore the medina of Fès, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. Here we have enough time to explore the huge and well-preserved medina of the city. The winding alleys and monumental buildings give a good idea of the medieval atmosphere of the past centuries. Thanks to our local guide, who is familiar with the city and its people, nothing remains hidden from us. We spend the dinner and the night again in our riad.

That’s what happens:

  • Royal city of Fès and Medina

Day 4 – From Fès to the mountains around Tinghir

Today we leave the big city and head for the Atlas Mountains and South Morocco. After breakfast we start our journey through the varied and impressive mountain region to Tinghir. On the way we have the possibility to explore the mountain towns Ifrane and Midelt on a small stop and to stretch our feet and eat something. Arrived in Tinghir we visit the impressive Todra Gorges. After the journey we spend the evening and the night in a quiet inn in Tinghir and gather strength for the next days.

That’s what happens:

  • Atlas Mountains
  • Mountain towns of Ifrane and Midelt
  • Oasis town Tinghir
  • Todra Gorges

Day 5 – From Tinghir to Tamegroute, the cultural centre of the South

The road continues south. In Zagora we walk on the tracks of old tribes through surrounding palm groves and explore the ancient Amezrou-Kasbah. The forgotten Kasbah is a real insider tip, which is almost exclusively known by the locals and whose history has been passed on from generation to generation. A visit to the local cooperative museum is also possible. Here we benefit from the tour guide’s knowledge of the area. The museum is a private collection of ancient artefacts and not a public museum. Those who don’t know it won’t find it and won’t get access! After the deep insights into the secrets of the Draa valley we continue into the Sahara. Between the first sand dunes of Tinfou near Tamegroute lies our desert camp. After the sunset over the sand dunes of the desert, we enjoy our dinner in the circle of the campfire and bed down in our nomad tents to rest.

That’s what happens:

  • Zagora and the Amezrou-Kasbah
  • Hike through the palm oasis
  • Visit to a private collection of artefacts from the Draa Valley
  • Night in a desert camp

Day 6 – From Tamegroute through the desert to Erg Chegaga

The day begins with the exploration of Tamegroute. The small village in southern Morocco is an important centre of learning and religion in Morocco and an important place of pilgrimage to this day. Our tour guide grew up in the area and knows every corner of this insider tip. Also the library with original copies of the Koran from the 12th century and the traditional ceramics cooperative are visited by us. We continue to Mhamid, the gateway to Morocco’s largest desert. After an enjoyable picnic under palm trees, the path continues through the Sahara to the holy oasis of Oum Lâalag. Here we saddle up for camels that will bring us safely to our desert camp at Erg Chegaga. After the sunset over the sand dunes of the Sahara and a refreshing shower, we enjoy relaxed berber music for dinner at the campfire. You spend the night either in your comfortable nomad tent or under the incomparable starry sky of the Sahara, just as you like.

That’s what happens:

  • Tamegroute “Cultural Centre of the South”
  • Desert picnic with intercultural exchange
  • Camel trek through the Sahara
  • Night in the desert camp

Day 7 – From the desert to Taliouine

After breakfast in the middle of the highest sand dunes of the Sahara, we make our way with 4×4 jeeps through the desert, visit the nomad school of the region (on school days) and have a cup of tea in close contact with the nomads of the desert. Through the barren stone desert and over the dried out lake Iriki we continue to the oasis town Taznakht. Optionally there is the possibility to visit the feminist carpet cooperative in Taznakht. Taznakht is known for its carpets and saffron. The cosy inn in the oasis town of Taliouine is our destination for the evening and the night. The berber village offers a quiet atmosphere, a green oasis in the middle of a barren, scree-like hilly landscape.

That’s what happens:

  • Offroad safari
  • Proximity to country, people and culture and the possibility to exchange experiences with the last nomads of the region
  • Oasis city Taznakht and feminist carpet cooperative
  • Oasis town Taliouine

Day 8 – From Taliouine to Taghazout at the Atlantic Ocean

Today we leave the inland and go to the Atlantic coast. First we drive via Taroudant (“little Marrakesh”) to Agadir. We visit the Berber Museum in Agadir and learn a lot about the Berbers from the Sous region. For the evening and the night we find ourselves in the quaint fishing village Taghazout, which is a real insider tip among Moroccan experts. The relaxed coastal atmosphere of the village and the really wonderful hotel in family hands, which we can call our home for this night, let us recharge our batteries and relax and process the impressions of the last days.

That’s what happens:

  • Taroudant (“Little Marrakech”)
  • Atlantic coast
  • Agadir and Berber Museum
  • Fishing village Taghazout

Day 9 – From Taghazout to Marrakech

After breakfast we start our journey back home to Marrakech. On the way we visit a feminist Argan-Oil cooperative (optional). When we reach Marrakech in the evening, you can be enchanted by the evening bustle of the famous Djemaa el Fna. Dinner is served here between the hustle and bustle. We spend the night in a classic riad in the medina of Marrakech.

That’s what happens:

  • Argan-Oil Cooperative
  • Marrakech
  • Djemaa el Fna
  • Night in the traditional Riad in the Medina

Day 10 – Discover the secrets of 1001 nights

On the last day you have the opportunity to have us take you to the airport or train station after breakfast or to explore the city on your own.

If you want to spend a few more days in Marrakech, you have the possibility to contact our tour guide directly or to contact us.

Do you have any questions?

Then mail us, call us or write us directly by WhatsApp, we look forward to hearing from you. HERE you can find our contact details.

Dates and prices for 2022

Travel time
Travel status
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Price (p.P.)
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09.05.2022 – 19.05.2022bookable 1.055,00 €
07.09.2022 – 17.09.2022bookable 1.055,00 €

All about Morocco Roundtrip from Marrakech – Cities, Mountains, Desert and Sea

All services at a glance


  • Local accommodation with charm and tradition
  • Proximity to country, people and culture
  • Sea, mountains, oases, palm groves and desert
  • Casablanca
  • Royal city of Rabat
  • Royal city of Fès (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Zagora incl. Amezrou-Kasbah and Cooperative Museum (real insider tips)
  • Desert region around Tinfou and Erg Chegaga
  • 2 nights in a desert camp in the Sahara
  • Tamegroute “Cultural Center of the South”
  • Camel ride through the Sahara
  • Holy oasis of Oum Lâalag
  • Offroad safari through the desert
  • Oasis Town Taliouine
  • Atlantic Coast – Agadir and Taghazout
  • Marrakech and Djemaa el Fna

What is included in this trip?

✓ An English and French speaking tour guide

✓ Transport by car, all-terrain van or all-terrain vehicle with all-wheel drive

✓ Camel incl. guide for desert safari

✓ 9 nights in a single, double or shared room or desert tent (depending on desire/possibility and number of persons)

✓ Tea is served with all dishes

✓ Following meals: 9 x breakfast, 1 x lunch (during stay in the desert), 9 x dinner

What is not included in this trip?

✕ Drinks (tea only during meals)

Additional travel insurance

Arrival and departure Marrakech

✕ Tips and gratuities

✕ Personal expenses and possible entrance fees for museums

Costs for eventual visa (no visa required for the most EU countries)

Our accommodations

Local accommodations with charm


True to our values and with a view to fair tourism, our accommodations are either local guesthouses or small family-run hotels where hospitality is still a priority. In spite of the local accommodations of our trips, we naturally pay attention to comfort when making our choices.


Those who are used to a European 3-Star-Standard will get along well with our accommodations. There are predominantly no star catagories with us, which results mostly already alone from the remoteness of the accommodations and the kind of the “management”, however we pay attention very much to the fact that you feel well with us. There is a bed, shower, heating and usually also air conditioning and a pool. Not to forget the delicious meals, which are mostly prepared from traditional dishes with ingredients from the neighborhood or your own garden. You are always welcome to stay with us.


The desert camps are designed to be as comfortable as possible in the desert. The attached tents consist of a wooden or clay construction and heavy tent fabric. Carpets are laid out inside. Most tents are lockable and have enough space for equipment and backpacks. Since most tents have an electrical outlet, the smartphone or camera can also be charged. Of course there are also facilities for washing and toilets. Most camps even have hot showers, which is a real luxury in a desert. Many adventurers like to sleep outside because the starry sky of the Sahara is simply unforgettable and the peace and space of the desert offers a good basis for a restful sleep. Before going to bed, you often meet at the campfire, tell stories, make music or exchange ideas. Of course, you don’t have to do without good food in the desert either.

Do you have any more questions?

Then mail us, call us or write us by WhatsApp, we look forward to hearing from you. HERE you can find our contact details.

Riad courtyard

Marokko Rundreise ab Marrakesch 10 Tage, Riad Innenhof in Fès

Standard single/double room

Rundreise Marokko ab Marrakesch 10 Tage, Standard Doppelzimmer

Desert camp at Erg Chegaga

Marokko Rundreise ab Marrakesch 10 Tage, Wüstencamp in der Sahara bei Erg Chegaga

Standard nomad tent

Rundreise Marokko an Marrakesch 10 Tage, Nomadenzelt in einem Wüstencamp in der Sahara in der Nähe von Erg Chegaga

You still have questions about the Morocco Roundtrip from Marrakech and want to get free and non-binding advice?

Then contact us now! We are happy to help you with words and deeds. If you wish, we can also put together your own individual trip to Morocco.