Atlas Mountains and Central Morocco – High Peaks and Deep Valleys

From the Atlantic to Tunisia – the Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains stretch across northwest Africa, from the Atlantic Ocean to Tunisia. Bordering the Sahara, this high mountain range is a majestic sight to see, especially in central Morocco. Embark on an exciting journey between climatic zones and get to know the country and its people amidst spectacular nature.

Ancient settlements and unique nature

Aussicht auf die Wasserfälle von Wasserfälle von Ouzoud im Atlasgebirge in Marokko

View of the waterfalls of Ouzoud

The former capital Marrakech is located at the foot of the mountains and is not even imaginable without this unique panorama. Around the city lies the High Atlas mountain range, the highest point of the entire mountain range. As a dividing line between the humid north and the dry, hot Sahara in the south, but also because of the many raw materials such as silver, copper and hard coal, Berbers, the first inhabitants of Morocco, settled here very early. Stories passed down around the Atlas Mountains date back to antiquity, while prehistoric rock drawings point to an even earlier settlement of the deeply incised valleys.

The Atlas Mountains are the highest mountains in North Africa

On your journey through central Morocco, the mountains provide a harmonious contrast to the sand dunes of the desert. You will experience two breathtaking landscapes that harmonize perfectly with each other. About 70 kilometers outside the city is the Toubkal National Park, named after Jbel Toubkal, the highest mountain in Morocco. Among mountaineers, it is considered relatively easy to climb and is suitable for gaining first experience with a mountain peak in thin altitude air. The two-day climb is rewarded with a unique view over the desert, villages and the surrounding national park. The park offers a variety of flora and fauna, such as the endangered Cuvier’s gazelle, whose habitat is protected by the park.

Hikes in dream scenery

Blick auf die Dades Schlucht im Dadestal im Atlasgebirge Marokko

View of the Dades gorge in the Dade valley

To southern Morocco, the road leads over the mountain pass Tizi n’Tichka, to the road of the Kasbahs. Kasbah, which are villages in the form of clay castles that provided housing and storage. This section of the mountains is called Antiatlas, while the northernmost section is called Middle Atlas. There is one of the most popular destinations, the gigantic waterfalls of Ouzoud. They provide the backdrop for hikes and day trips, and the cheeky little monkeys that live there will put a smile on your face. If you go a little off the beaten track, you can enjoy restful solitude here.

A perfect place for climbers and hikers

Climbers will find their favorite place in the Todra Gorge, near the oasis town of Tinghir. 300-meter-high, partially vertical walls offer numerous climbing routes in an impressive atmosphere. On the way to Tinghir you will also pass the world famous Dades Gorge, which has become the landmark of the region with its narrow serpentines. Whether you’re looking for quieter hikes or action-packed sports, adventure awaits in the heart of Morocco. Combined with the fascinating royal cities and excursions into the desert, an unforgettable experience awaits you. You will also remember the warm hospitality of the Moroccans. Enjoy delicious couscous with vegetables and grilled meat – eaten by hand, of course – and haggle with the merchants in the souks, the Moroccan bazaars, always with a view of the imposing mountains.