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    Unique adventures from the Morocco travel experts

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    Morocco Adventures adventure trip, woman in the Sahara during a desert tour through Morocco
  • On the move with friends

    Our tours are accompanied by local guides from the region who share their insider knowledge and the secrets of the region with us

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    Morocco Adventures Adventure Tours, traveller in an oasis in Morocco
  • Small travel groups and authentic experiences

    With our small groups of max. 8 adventurers you will experience Morocco up close

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    Morocco Adventures Adventure Tours Morocco, a man on a dune in the desert of Morocco
  • Sustainable travel and fair tourism

    We work exclusively with local suppliers and participate actively in the economic and cultural development of the region

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    Morocco Adventures Adventure trips, mountain climber on the summit of Jbel Toubkal on a trekking tour through the Atlas Mountains in Morocco
  • Sea, desert and mountains... Morocco has everything to offer!

    Looking for a new adventure? We offer authentic travel adventures in Morocco!

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    Adventure trips in Morocco, a man stands on the shore of the Moroccan Atlantic coast and takes a photo
  • Breathtaking landscapes and intense encounter

    Let yourself be enchanted by Morocco… Country and people are waiting for you!

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    Morocco Adventures Adventure Tours, Kameltrek through the desert of Morocco

Small travel groups with max. 8 participants

Thanks to our small travel groups, you have the unique opportunity to experience the country and its people up close.

Sustainable and fair tourism

We are committed to fair and sustainable tourism and actively participate in Morocco’s development.

True insider tips and insider knowledge

On all our adventures we are accompanied by so-called “locals” who share their secrets with us.

What makes our adventures

Morocco adventure trip, sand dunes in the Sahara at sunset

Authentic Adventures

Who travels wants to experience something! We know this and therefore always offer you adventures off the beaten track. All the little experiences you can’t find in any travel guide, the delicious food from local cuisine, the encounters with fascinating personalities and the glimpses behind closed doors are what make a journey an adventure.

Morocco adventure trips at Morocco Adventures, two monkeys on a rock in front of the waterfalls of Ouzoud

Sustainable Travel

Morocco is a wonderful country where you can discover endless things. We are working actively to make sure that it stays that way! On all our trips we only use local offers, such as accommodation run by locals. The protection of the rich nature and the fascinating culture are also part of our understanding of sustainable travel, as well as the promotion of social projects.

Morocco Adventure Tours with Morocco Adventures, Cameltrek through the Sahara

Small groups

Our travel groups are limited to 8 participants. This makes our groups small enough to discover the country and its people independently and meet locals at eye level, but large enough for a social component. In small groups, new friendships are made quickly, which usually last even after the travel time. Welcome to our small group!

What adventure are you looking for?

What do you want to experience on your Morocco trip?

Authentic. Sustainable. Extraordinary.

Experience Morocco together with Morocco Adventures. We offer you adventures and roundtrips to Morocco. With our concept of fair and sustainable tourism you will experience Morocco’s diversity up close. Thanks to our experienced and local tour guides and the small tour groups, you have the unique chance to discover Morocco with completely different eyes. Real insider tips, varied landscapes, exciting cities and warm people are waiting for you. Book your next adventure now and get in touch with the country and its people!

Experience Morocco and dare an adventure!

Whether desert, rugged mountains or relaxed coasts, Morocco has everything you need for a real adventure. Far away from mass tourism you can discover a world whose people and culture will amaze you and whose nature and landscape will fascinate you. From the picturesque towns on the Mediterranean, through the rugged Rif mountains, across the majestic Atlas and through the mysterious Sahara to the roaring shores of the Atlantic, Morocco has something of everything. A world only three hours flight away from your couch. What are you waiting for? Ride camels through the desert, surf through the waves of the Atlantic, climb your first four-thousander, explore lonely oases and valleys, climb the sand dunes of the Sahara by jeep and get to know new people and cultures. Find your adventure now!

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