Authentic adventures you’ll never forget

No ordinary vacation – Morocco experience for adventurers, romantics and individualists

Getting to know the fascinating country of Morocco with all its facets is not possible in the fenced hotel complex or on inflexible, stiff round trips. If you want to experience Morocco authentically and up close, we offer you a travel experience that is fully tailored to your wishes. Visit villages far away from the tourist hot spots, get to know Moroccans of all generations personally and spend quiet moments in the impressive landscape, such as in the Sahara, the Atlas Mountains or on the Atlantic Ocean. Experience Morocco in a different way!

Why travel authentically?

When we travel we broaden our horizons, gain new impressions and discover the secrets of foreign cultures. But the modern travel industry, full of international hotel chains and well-organized visits to the greatest sights, only allows us to take a superficial look behind the scenes of the country. But there is another way: If you travel in one of our small groups or individually and with our insider knowledge of the local tour guide through Morocco, you will find traditional craftsmanship instead of kitschy souvenirs, traditional Moroccan cuisine instead of continental hotel breakfast and the diverse and centuries-old culture of the inhabitants instead of a commercial show for tourists. Authentic adventures await you in the land of a thousand colours!

Experience the real Morocco in different ways

Marokko erleben, authentische Wüstentouren durch die Sahara

The way you want to experience Morocco is completely up to you. Are you the sporty type? Then travel to the region around Taghazout, grab a surfboard and let the locals not only give you real insider tips on the best surf spots, but also discover how young Moroccans live, think and feel. Not sporty enough yet? Then discover the secrets of the Atlas Mountains on foot on one of our trekking tours.

Experience culture in the four royal cities

Want a little more culture? Then join us in one of the four royal cities of Fès, Rabat, Meknès or Marrakech. Here you will not only immerse yourself in the rich history of the country when visiting museums, palaces and mosques, but you will also find colourful markets, original restaurants and above all a lot of hospitality around almost every corner and in every alley. A local tour guide will give you an exciting and expert insight into every sight in the royal cities and will answer all your questions. Whether sport, nature or cities, Morocco experience and gain special insights is possible with each of our journeys!

Marokko erleben, authentische Erlebnisreisen in Marokko

Get to know the country and its people intensively

It’s the little moments in Morocco that bring you closer to the country and its people. Haggling at the market, where the locals also shop. Long conversations over a cup of traditional mint tea. An encounter with the Berber minority, the first known inhabitants of Morocco or the last nomads of the Sahara. Who appreciates the loneliness of nature, will collect unforgettable memories with a migration by the Atlas mountains or a journey into the desert landscapes. Morocco is always exceptional and diverse.

Whether you decide for a trip in a small group or a very individual holiday experience, Morocco you will experience guaranteed with all your senses! And because the North African country has so much to offer, a trip is hardly enough. This is where you want to return again and again.


Authentic Morocco Experiences