Morocco’s Atlantic coast – beach, sea, sports and recreation

Sports, recreation and cultural diversity on the Atlantic coast

The Atlantic coast of Morocco is a paradise for surfers, divers and other water sports enthusiasts of all kinds. Together with the fascinating culture of the North African country and the warm hospitality of the inhabitants, the Moroccan west coast is a place to experience. You can expect natural bays, perfect waves and colourful cities that once fascinated the hippie generation.

Sports possibilities as far as the eye can see

Morocco Atlantic coast kitesurfing in Essaouira

Kitesurfers at the beach of Essaouira

The Atlantic coast of Morocco is 2000 kilometres long. Here you will find historic villages, dreamlike sandy beaches and enthusiastic surfers from all over the world who plunge into the waves. Especially between March and September the wind creates ideal conditions for kitesurfing, sailing and surfing. The city of Agadir in particular attracts countless visitors every year. The modern city guarantees 300 sunny days a year and boasts a kilometre-long, first-class sandy beach. If you leave the city limits, you will find numerous bays and lagoons where you can enjoy the sea in solitude. These beautiful places away from the surf spots are perfect for swimming and relaxing.

Taghazout – A fishing village with insider tip character

Relaxing is also the atmosphere in Taghazout, a picturesque fishing village. Here you will find the two surf spots Devil’s Rock and Panorma, which are especially suitable for beginners. The sandy ground and the small waves make it easy for you to get on the surfboard. In the Paradise Valley you can then courageously jump from meter-high cliffs into the cool water. Diving is also becoming more and more popular in Morocco. In recent years, diving schools have sprung up at many coastal locations to accompany beginners and advanced divers into the underwater world.

The cities of artists and hippies

Colorful Old Town (Medina) of Essaouira, Morocco

Colourful old town of Essaouira

The full fascination of this part of Morocco, also away from sport and nature, opens a visit to Essaouira. The city of artists and freethinkers enchants with street cafés, art galleries, music festivals and a large international audience. The blue and white painted houses are reminiscent of Portugal, creating an interesting contrast. The city wall by the ocean, the imposing harbour gate and the beautiful old town are just some of the sights you shouldn’t miss. The port city is also often called the cultural oasis of Morocco. This is not least due to Jimi Hendrix. The cult musician stayed here with friends for a longer time and made the city the pilgrimage site of his fans.

Sidi Ifni – The Gate to the Sahara

Also worth seeing is Sidi Ifni, a city in Art Deco style, which is characterized by the Spanish influences of the occupation period. You can mingle with the locals at the fish market right next to the harbour, while avenues lined with palm trees invite you to stroll in the architectural style of the city. After a day on the beach, you can watch people in the evening and enjoy the fresh Moroccan cuisine. Whether it’s wild nature or exciting city life, Morocco is at its best on the Atlantic coast.