Morocco City Life & Markets – The Fascination of the City

City life in Morocco – colourful, diverse and royal

When you think of Morocco you immediately think of adventures in the desert, mountain hiking in the Atlas mountains and great sports opportunities on the Atlantic. But the North African state has much more to offer. In the country’s colourful metropolises, urban life meets the traditional culture of the Maghreb. A combination that you shouldn’t miss out on.

At the bazaar and in old palaces

Marokko Stadtleben, Marktstand auf dem Souk von Marrakesch auf dem Djemaa el Fna

Market stall at the Djemaa el Fna

Every globetrotter must experience Marrakesh and its souks, because the soul of Morocco, so they say, you get to know on the souks. The word souk describes the traditional markets on which a large part of the social life of the Moroccans takes place. Here you can gossip, eat, play and of course do business – across all social classes. All your senses will be enchanted on the large and daily souks. Here the scents of all kinds of spices and freshly prepared food lie in the air, while your eyes can enjoy a variety of colours of fabrics and fresh fruit. Local merchants present their handicrafts and offer high-quality and exceptional souvenirs to tourists.

Riads – small palaces in the middle of the old medina

As traditional as the souk are the riad, traditional small palaces equipped with a courtyard. A palace or riad used to be a retreat for wealthy families. Today they are often used as hotels. The nightlife of the city is discreet, but not to be underestimated. Alcohol is allowed in clubs and hotels. If you prefer a more authentic night out, enjoy the evening in one of the many street cafes. Here, instead of cocktails, there is mint tea, but it does not taste any less good.

Cities for Kings

Marokko Stadtleben, Mittelaterliches Stadttor zur Medina von Fès

Medieval town gate to the medina of Fès

The capital Rabat combines the medieval old town with architecture from the French colonial period. Of particular cultural interest is the Archaeological Museum, which offers an extensive collection on the history of Morocco. Also Fès and especially Meknès, another city of the king’s cities, can inspire historically and optically. Narrow alleys, imposing mosques and the royal palace invite you to marvel.