We stand for fair and sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism in Morocco – Fair and responsible travel in North Africa

As environmentally conscious people, we shop in organic shops, recycle our garbage and like to swap our car for our bicycle. The way we travel, however, is still a point where nature conservation, sustainability and fairness are not always taken into account. With our Morocco trips we take responsibility and make sustainable travel child’s play. But not only sustainability is an important issue, fairness is also an important factor. Fair tourism means: We support Moroccan small businesses such as family-run accommodations and restaurants, rely on local travel guides and show social commitment. This is not only good for the country and its people, but also helps you get to know Morocco from its most authentic and beautiful side.

Why is sustainable tourism so important?

By the terms sustainable travel and fair tourism, many people often mean holidays in their own country or in their direct neighbours. And correct: If you travel by train instead of by car or plane, you have taken the first big step towards climate protection. But even air travel, such as to Morocco, can be made economically and ecologically sustainable. This starts with not supporting the construction of large hotels in natural areas and ends with fair working conditions for all local people working in tourism.

We work exclusively with local providers

In a country like Morocco, which has not yet caught up with Western countries in its economic and social development, fair tourism is of particular importance. We show our responsibility and respect for the country Morocco, where we rely 100% on local offers and providers – from family-run accommodation to camel guides who will guide you safely through the desert. This is the only way to ensure that the financial benefits of tourism actually reach the population and do not end up exclusively in the hands of international companies. In constant dialogue with our local partners, we not only keep the wishes and needs of our holidaymakers in mind, but also the well-being of the locals. The result: Sustainable travel leads to unique experiences from which both sides benefit equally!

The impact of tourism on nature and wildlife

Morocco is known for its scenic diversity, which offers countless plants and animals an ideal home. If there is no sustainable tourism, but only pure profit mass tourism, it is only a matter of time before the flora and fauna are lost. Sensitive ecosystems on land and in the water can be disturbed by strong tourism and in the worst case destroyed. You yourself take on a small responsibility towards the land you visit. Naturally, this includes trusting the knowledge of the tour guide when hiking in the mountains, bathing and surfing on the coast and on excursions into the desert and adhering to the rules of nature conservation, because our guides are all well trained in the subject of nature conservation and pay meticulous attention to the observance of the necessary respect for Mother Nature.

Small tour groups and trained tour guides

This works best in small travel groups, so our travel groups are limited to a maximum of 8 participants. This will help to ensure that the animal inhabitants of Morocco, such as camels, gazelles and monkeys, continue to feel at home in their surroundings. Because sustainable tourism is good for animals, people and yourself!

Our hotel offers in Morocco: family-run and full of hospitality

You won’t experience the real Morocco in the hotel room of a big international hotel group. Whether in the fishing village on the coast, in the oasis in the desert or in one of the colourful, lively cities of Morocco, we have found unique accommodations everywhere! In a typical Moroccan riad in Marrakech or a traditional farmhouse at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, you will not only be warmly welcomed by local Moroccans, you will also enjoy authentic Moroccan cuisine. Delicacies are served, made from fresh ingredients from the region or in some accommodations even directly from your own garden. Where large hotels deliver food by truck, you can enjoy the real fruit of Moroccan soil. Sustainable tourism also goes through the stomach.

Sustainable tourism: Supporting social projects in Morocco

Fair tourism is close to our hearts because Morocco is close to our hearts. With our philosophy of cooperation with local providers, we can offer people active help and improve their living conditions. Fair tourism and fair jobs result in the best social project. Sustainable tourism also ensures that independent prosperity is built up. At the same time, this helps to maintain one’s own traditions and customs. And that ultimately pleases everyone who wants to travel to Morocco for the first time or over and over again. We are also involved in social projects such as nomad schools.

Nachhaltiger Tourismus Marokko, Nomade in der Küche

Prevent rural exodus, strengthen family businesses and preserve culture

Modern phenomena such as the rural exodus of young people to the cities also affect the countries of North Africa and Morocco in particular. Your stay in a family-run riad and your purchase of locally produced products will make an important contribution to maintaining jobs in rural areas and to helping the family business involve the young generation in the business. You never have to do without the holiday feeling. You’ll get a unique and warm service that is only possible in Morocco. Fair tourism ensures that guests and hosts meet at eye level.

Fair and sustainable travel to Morocco